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To reflect its medicinal nature rather than recreational use, we prefer the term ‘medical cannabis’ over terms such as ‘marijuana’, “grass”. or ‘dope’ which may carry negative connotations.

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Readers should be aware that the legality of medical cannabis varies by location, and this disclaimer may be subject to periodic updates.

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Key Points

  • The price of weed can vary depending on factors such as location, availability, and quality, ranging from £6 to £15 per gram in the UK.
  • Consistent pricing and dosing control can be achieved by sourcing prescriptions from a reliable source, in contrast to unreliable and illegal sources.
  • Low-quality cannabis can cost around £5 to £10 per gram, and high-quality weed can cost up to £15 or more per gram in the UK.
  • Generally, THC products tend to be more expensive than CBD ones due to higher demand and lower supply.
  • In the UK, medical cannabis prescription costs can vary for private pharmacy prescriptions, but eligible patients can obtain it for free through the NHS.


Whether you’re a recreational user or someone exploring the potential benefits of medical cannabis, understanding the cost of weed is a crucial aspect of navigating the ever-evolving landscape. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of the UK cannabis market to uncover the factors influencing the price. We aim to provide valuable insights for both regular and medical marijuana users, helping you make informed decisions. So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating realm of weed prices in the UK.

Medical Weed vs. Illicit Marijuana: Know the Differences

Understanding the differences between reliable providers and illegal market sources of weed is crucial when it comes to legal compliance, quality assurance, variety, safety, and accessibility. It is always recommended to choose sources that adhere to legal requirements and standards to ensure a safe and trustworthy cannabis experience.

1. Legal Status

  • Medical Weed: Legally obtained under specific regulations and prescribed by qualified medical professionals.
  • Illicit Cannabis: Obtained outside of the legal framework without a prescription. Possession, supply, and cultivation are illegal in the UK.

2. Quality Control and Standards

  • Medical Weed: Undergoes strict quality control measures, ensuring safety and efficacy. More specifically, licensed producers adhere to specific regulations, including testing for contaminants and consistent dosage.
  • Illicit Cannabis: Lacks quality control measures, potentially exposing users to impurities, pesticides, or inconsistent potency.

3. Purpose

  • Medical Weed: Primarily used for therapeutic purposes to alleviate symptoms and improve the quality of life for patients with epilepsy, mood disorders, chronic pain, and more.
  • Illicit Cannabis: Often used for recreational purposes, where the user seeks the psychoactive effects produced by cannabinoids.

4. Accessibility

  • Medical Weed: Strictly regulated and requires a prescription from a specialist doctor, following particular guidelines. Also, it involves patient assessment, review by medical authorities, and obtaining a specific license.
  • Illicit Cannabis: More readily available through informal channels, but quality, safety, and source cannot be guaranteed.

5. Varieties and Strains

  • Medical Weed: Available in a carefully regulated range of strains tailored for specific medical conditions.
  • Illicit Cannabis: Comes in different varieties but with inconsistent labelling and documentation, making it difficult to determine characteristics and effects.

Medical Weed vs. Illicit Marijuana: Summary Table

Parameter Medical Weed Illicit Marijuana
Legal Status Licensed and compliant Outside of the law
Quality Control Stringent measures No quality control
Transparency Detailed labelling Lack of transparency
Product Variety Wide range Limited variety
Source of Cannabis Licensed cultivation Unknown sources
Safety Tested and safe Potential risks
Legal Consequences Compliant with the law Illegal activities
Access and Availability Regulated channels Informal channels

Lyphe: Your Trusted Source of Legal and Safe Medical Cannabis Prescription in the UK

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At Lyphe, our dedication lies in ensuring secure and lawful medical cannabis accessibility. Here are the reasons to consider us your reliable provider in the UK:

  • Experienced and licensed medical staff: Our team of knowledgeable and licensed medical staff are well-versed in the use of medical marijuana as a treatment method. Plus, our qualified doctors are among the most experienced in the UK, having treated patients with medical cannabis for many years.
  • Legal and safe products: Lyphe Clinic is authorised by the UK government to prescribe medical cannabis in compliance with the law. This means that we only prescribe medication that is legal and regulated, so you can be assured that the prescription you receive is safe and effective.
  • Convenient and comfortable treatment: We make treatment convenient, accessible, and easy by offering online consultations via video call. You can get started on yours from the comfort of your own home without having to travel to a physical clinic or dispensary.
  • Competitive Pricing: We pride ourselves on our transparent and affordable pricing.
    1. Transfer from another clinic – Free
    2. New patient appointment – £49
    3. Follow-up appointment – £49
    4. Repeat prescription – £30

So, if you’re looking to purchase a medical cannabis prescription, don’t hesitate to schedule an online consultation with Lyphe today! Our experienced and licensed medical staff will help you access safe medical marijuana without breaking the bank.

Understanding Cannabis Quantities and Their Costs

When it comes to purchasing weed in the UK, understanding the common measurements is crucial. The most widely used measurements are as follows:

  • Gram: The smallest unit of measurement, typically used for small purchases or sampling different strains.
  • Eighth: Equivalent to 3.5 grams, an eighth is a popular quantity for regular users.
  • Quarter: Equal to 7 grams, a quarter offers a larger quantity for those who consume weed more frequently.
  • Ounce: The largest common measurement, an ounce, is equal to 28 grams and is primarily used for bulk purchases or sharing among friends.
Quantity/Quality Low-Quality Weed Medium-Quality Weed High-Quality Weed
Gram £5 to £10
Eighth (3.5g) £15 to £25 £20 to £30 £30 to £40
Quarter (7g) £30 to £45 £40 to £60 £70 to £90
Ounce (28g) £80 to £120 £140 to £180 £200 to £280

Note: The prices mentioned are approximate and subject to change based on various factors. 

Low-quality Weed

Low-quality cannabis, often referred to as “brick weed”, is known for its compressed and lower-grade nature. The cost in the UK can range from around £5 to £10 per gram, £15 to £25 per eighth, £30 to £45 per quarter, and £80 to £120 per ounce.

Medium-Quality Weed

Medium-quality marijuana offers a step up in terms of potency and overall quality. The approximate price range in the UK falls between £20 to £30 per eighth, £40 to £60 per quarter, and £140 to £180 per ounce.

High-quality weed

High-quality cannabis ensures the best effects and flavour and is used in medical prescriptions. The prices for high-quality weed typically vary between £30 to £40 per eighth, £70 to £90 per quarter, and £200 to £280 per ounce in the UK.

Factors Influencing Weed Prices: What You Need to Know

Weed prices can vary depending on several factors. Understanding these variables is key to making informed decisions. Let’s delve deeper and explore the key considerations that influence cannabis prices:

Legal Status

In countries or states where marijuana is fully legalised and regulated, prices tend to stabilise and more accurately reflect market demand. Conversely, in regions where cannabis remains illegal or is only available for medical use, prices are generally higher. This increase is attributed to the risks associated with cultivation, distribution, and sales in these areas.

Furthermore, according to a United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime report, cannabis prices are generally lower in countries that produce or are near production areas, like Afghanistan, Morocco, and Jamaica. Conversely, countries that import marijuana, like Europe, tend to have higher prices, ranging from £4.78 to £24.08 per gram, as stated by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction.

Quality and Strain of Cannabis

As also highlighted above, premium strains with elevated THC content and more desirable effects typically command higher prices. Rare, difficult-to-grow, or unique strains may also be priced at a premium. Lower-quality or less desirable strains may be available at a lower price point.

In addition to this, the global demand for high-quality weed is increasing, leading to a significant rise in the cost of a gram. According to Forbes, the average price increased from $7.36 per gram in 2017 to $8 per gram in 2019.

Supply and Demand Dynamics in the UK Cannabis Market

The demand for marijuana versus the available supply is a significant driver of prices. If the demand exceeds the supply, costs are likely to be higher. Conversely, if the supply outweighs the demand, prices may drop.

Various factors, including popularity, production fluctuations, and consumer preferences, also impact supply and demand. Canada serves as a prime example where the legalisation of recreational cannabis in 2018 initially led to a substantial price hike due to insufficient supply. However, as the industry evolved and met the growing demand, cannabis prices eventually decreased.

Geographical Factors

Geographical location plays a role in weed costs. Prices may vary across different regions within the UK due to transportation charges, proximity to cultivation centres, local regulations, and competition among suppliers. Urban areas may have higher prices due to higher demand and operating costs compared to rural areas.

To provide a clearer representation, the table below provides a snapshot of the cost differences in cities across the UK:

City Average Weed Price per Gram
London £6.72
Birmingham £8.58
Manchester £7.92
Glasgow £7.24
Leeds £7.42

How Much Is Medical Cannabis Prescription and Treatment?

Doctor conducting a consultation and filling out a form with a patient.

Medical cannabis in the UK is subject to different pricing structures compared to the recreational market. The cost of medical cannabis can vary depending on factors such as the licensed producer, strain, and form (e.g., flower, oils, capsules).

When considering medical weed, it’s important to assess the overall costs, which include not only the product but also the associated consultation, prescription, and ongoing treatment. Importantly, charges for appointments and treatment expenses can vary among healthcare providers and depend on individual needs.

At Lyphe, we strive to provide safe, affordable, and accessible medical cannabis treatments. With our commitment to safety, competitive pricing, expert guidance, and compliance with UK regulations, sourcing or buying a prescription from us is a great option. Take the first step towards accessing reliable and effective medical marijuana treatment, and book an appointment with us today.

Comparing the Prices of THC and CBD Products: Which Is More Expensive

Close-up of hemp oil with cannabis leaves in the background.

When it comes to comparing the prices of THC and CBD products, there are several factors to consider, including the product type, quality, and the specific form in which they are available. That said, THC medications generally tend to be more expensive than CBD ones due to several reasons:

  • Legal restrictions: THC is psychoactive and has more stringent regulations compared to CBD.
  • Production costs: THC products often undergo more intricate extraction processes to achieve desired potency levels.
  • Higher demand: THC products are sought after by recreational users, which can drive up prices in some markets.

CBD Price Variations: Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, and Isolates

CBD products are further divided into three different types, depending on their content:

Type Description Price Range
Full-Spectrum CBD Contains all naturally occurring compounds found in the cannabis plant, including THC (within legal limits). £20 to £100 per bottle for oil tinctures
Broad-Spectrum CBD Similar to full-spectrum but with the THC completely removed. £20 to £100 per bottle for oil tinctures
CBD Isolates Pure, isolated form of CBD without any other cannabinoids or compounds. £20 to £80 per bottle for capsules


Key Takeaway

Determining the cost of weed in the UK is a complex matter influenced by several factors, including quality, type, and origin. However, by understanding these factors, you can make informed decisions when purchasing cannabis. 

If you have any questions or concerns about medical cannabis use or want to speak to a qualified professional about getting prescribed, book an appointment with Lyphe today. Our team of experts is always available to help guide you on your journey towards better health and well-being.


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