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On Thursday 23 September, Dr Niraj Singh will be speaking to The Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society (The MCCS) about the benefits of THC in medical cannabis treatment, and medical cannabis in the treatment of mental health conditions.

As well as discussing the benefits of THC in medical cannabis, Dr Singh will draw from his extensive experience as an expert specialist in Psychiatry with over 2 years of prescribing experience at TMCC.

Dr Singh will be joined by Hannah Deacon, Director at The MCCS, as well as patient representatives who will be sharing their experiences with medical cannabis and mental health.

This event is set to be an interesting and informative look at THC based medical cannabis versus CBD only treatments, the positive impact this can have on patients, and will challenge some of the preconceptions surrounding THC – it’s not one to be missed.

You can book a place on the webinar on The MCCS website.

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