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Following up on last month’s TMCC patient database publication, in which we provided an overview of the initial 1,500 medical cannabis patients under our care, it’s perhaps even more meaningful to have a look at the feedback provided by some of these patients. 

The headline figure from our latest patient survey is fairly clear and compelling. Of more than two hundred respondents, across the range of treatable conditions and symptoms, 77% of patients reported that medical cannabis care improved their quality of life to a substantial degree, or that they were feeling better. 

Only 18% of patients reported that care had little or no impact on their health or well-being, and a very small minority, 1.5%, reported that treatments had an adverse impact. Where patients did not receive a clear clinical benefit from medical cannabis care, treatments were discontinued. 

While generalised data, this is a highly positive finding that only adds strong support to the established case for medical cannabis care. 

As TMCC continues to open access for patients, we’ll be able to provide further and deeper analysis into patient survey results, and hopefully create the impetus needed for the NHS to take a more inclusive and supportive approach to medical cannabis. 

These results are an excellent benchmark for TMCC in the meantime. We are proud to be leading the medical cannabis field, and helping our patients with safe and effective care.

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