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Among the numerous benefits of medical cannabis, many people across the world use medical cannabis as an effective treatment for chronic pain. In the UK, Lyphe are proud to provide medical cannabis treatment for people living with pain conditions.

How is pain treated with traditional medications?

Normally, the classification of pain is acute, short-lived and intense or chronic. Depending on the cause, pain might persist for days, weeks, months or years. Whereas opiates may be helpful in the relief of acute pain especially pain resulting from a surgical procedure, humans have a tendency to develop a tolerance for opiates resulting in patients having to take it in higher quantities as time goes by.

This growing tolerance is in addition to the other known side effects of nausea and sedation that often accompany opiate use. This is why patients with chronic and long-term pain are turning to medical cannabis in the UK.

How effective is Medical Cannabis in the treatment of pain?

The effectiveness of medical cannabis as a remedy for chronic pain is backed by the evidence. It has been demonstrated that the use of phytocannabinoids on the endocannabinoid and other neurotransmitter systems results in pain modulation. The peripheral nerves in the body responsible for the detection of pain sensations contain abundant receptors for cannabinoids.
Since cannabinoids appear to block peripheral nerve pain in experimental animals, it follows that this experience will be the same for humans.

What kinds of pain conditions can be treated by medical cannabis?

At Lyphe, we can provide medical cannabis treatment for people living with pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis, nerve (neural) pain, cramps (spasticity), back pain, bladder pain, post-operative surgery pain, spinal cord injury pain and many other pain conditions.

How can I access a medical cannabis prescription for pain in the UK?

In the UK, medical cannabis is legal to prescribe and for patients to take when certain conditions are met. Medical cannabis can be prescribed by a consultant on the GMC Specialist Register. Your consultant will prescribe medical cannabis if it is the right treatment for you. They will take your medical history and the current evidence and guidelines into account, taking time to understand your prior treatment and come to a decision that is in your best interest.

Become a medical cannabis patient

People interested in treatment at Lyphe can find out more about the conditions and symptoms which can be treated by medical cannabis and book an appointment with one of our specialists here.

Refer a patient for medical cannabis treatment

GPs and specialists looking to refer a patient for medical cannabis treatment for pain can fill in a patient referral form on their behalf, or find out more by reading our information for professionals.

Prescribe medical cannabis for pain

GMC Specialist consultants interested in learning more about medical cannabis or becoming a prescriber can contact us for expert-led training and routes to prescribe. Contact us today.

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