The content provided on this blog is intended for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. We strongly advise readers to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare professional regarding any medical concerns.

To reflect its medicinal nature rather than recreational use, we prefer the term ‘medical cannabis’ over terms such as ‘marijuana’, “grass”. or ‘dope’ which may carry negative connotations.

The opinions expressed in the blog belong to the respective authors, who are not medical professionals, and may not necessarily align with those of Lyphe Clinic. Lyphe Clinic does not endorse any specific products or services mentioned, except those provided through Lyphe Clinic.

Readers should be aware that the legality of medical cannabis varies by location, and this disclaimer may be subject to periodic updates.

It’s important to remember that vaporising cannabis is currently the only legal way to consume flower in the UK. Vaporisers also provide many alternative benefits like temperature control and more accurate dosing. 

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to get started and what you need to do. Please note that there may be slight manufacturing differences depending on which vape product you use.


Medical Cannabis Vaporiser


Equipment you’ll need:

  • Digital Scales (with the ability to measure 0.1g)
  • Dosing guidelines as prescribed by your doctor 
  • Grinder (to crush the flower into vapable consistency)
  • Vaporiser device (sometimes referred to as a pen)
  • Cleaning tools (vape cleaning set)

What to do:

  • Use the scales to weigh out the dose set by your doctor
  • Use the grinder to crush the amount measured
  • Insert into the vaping device (follow manufacturers specific guidance)
  • Start at a lower heat and work upwards – take note of the maximum heat stated on the specific device
  • Once inhaled the device should be emptied as directed by manufacturer and cleaned after each use for health and maintenance of the device

If you have any questions on vaping or the advice given here, please contact us through Live Chat.


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