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Explore our carefully curated selection of premium accessories designed to elevate your medical cannabis experience, including Boveda two-way humidity control packs, cannabis grinders, innovative storage solutions, and more, each meticulously selected to enhance the enjoyment, preservation, and convenience of your medical cannabis journey.

Ensure optimal freshness and potency with our range of Boveda two-way humidity control packs, expertly engineered to maintain the perfect moisture balance in your cannabis storage containers. Whether you’re storing flower, concentrates, or edibles, Boveda packs provide precise humidity control to preserve the integrity of your medicine and extend its shelf life.

Elevate your cannabis preparation process with our premium grinders, available in a variety of materials, sizes, and designs to suit your preferences. Our selection offers precision grinding for a consistent and efficient experience, ensuring maximum potency and flavour in every session.

Organise and protect your medical cannabis collection with our innovative storage solutions, including a range of airtight containers, jars, bags, and cases designed to keep your medicine safe, secure, and discreetly stored. With features such as odour-proof seals, UV protection, and customisable compartments, our storage solutions offer peace of mind and convenience for patients on the go.

We are committed to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, partnering with trusted brands and manufacturers known for their commitment to excellence. You can trust in our selection of accessories to enhance every aspect of your cannabis experience.

Discover the difference that premium accessories can make in your medical cannabis journey and unlock a world of convenience, freshness, and enjoyment. Empower yourself with the tools you need to make the most of your medicine.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be fully informed

Is the medication prescribed at the clinics legal?

Yes, all of the medication we prescribe is fully legal and regulated. The use of medical cannabis within the UK was made legal as of 1 November 2018, provided it is prescribed by a medical specialist who has taken into account the current evidence and guidelines alongside your particular diagnoses and conditions.

How do I know if medical cannabis can help me?

Medical cannabis can be used to treat a variety of conditions where other medications and treatments have failed. Patients living with chronic pain, neuropathy and psychiatric conditions have found benefits.

To be eligible for medical cannabis treatment, you need to have tried other pharmaceutical or therapeutic treatments that have not worked. You also must not have been diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia.

Not sure if you would benefit from medical cannabis?
Speak to a patient advisor today for free to learn more and understand how it all works, or
Take the eligibility test to assess your condition and suitability for treatment!

Is medical cannabis addictive?

Medical cannabis that contains higher amounts of THC carries a small risk of habituation and addiction if used daily for chronic use, but the risk is lower than with other classes of medications such as opioid-based pain medications and possibly lower than benzodiazepines for anxiety and sleep.

Your medical cannabis specialist will monitor you closely for signs of addiction to minimise this risk and choose specific products with lower risk appropriate for your symptoms.

How do you choose what products will work best?

Our team of doctors are experts in treating patients with medical cannabis and will choose your treatment after a comprehensive assessment. Your doctor will review your symptoms, current medications, the pattern of your symptoms and lifestyle factors. They will also monitor and adjust the medication on a regular basis to ensure the best effect with fewest side effects.