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Medical Cannabis in Leeds I Lyphe Clinic UK

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Harness the Therapeutic Effects of Medical Cannabis in Leeds

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Transform the way you experience wellness and comfort with the help of medical cannabis.

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How does it work?

Lyphe Clinic is simplifying the path towards medical cannabis treatments in Leeds.
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Check if you are eligible

Wondering if medical cannabis could alleviate your condition? Check your eligibility with our complimentary tool, which is straightforward and generates personalised answers in just a few minutes.
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Book your video appointment

Take advantage of our innovative digital health assessment tool, which takes into account various factors that can influence your health, such as lifestyle choices and family history. What’s more, our appointments are conducted exclusively online, ensuring your comfort and convenience.
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Receive your prescription

You can rest assured once your prescription has been approved and you have chosen a licensed pharmacy. Our pharmacy partnerships guarantee convenient and reliable medication delivery straight to your doorstep.


Start treatment

Enlist the help of our patient advisors to navigate the intricate world of medical cannabis. Whether you require guidance on proper product usage or a better understanding of how it can impact your condition, count on us to be there for you. In order to guarantee your satisfaction and provide relief from symptoms, we make it a priority to schedule follow-up appointments every three months. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of your treatment and make any necessary changes.

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Why Lyphe

Discover why patients in Leeds and throughout the UK have chosen to welcome Lyphe as their trusted provider of medical cannabis.
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Experienced cannabis doctors

With years of practice in assisting patients like you, we are among the trailblazing medical cannabis clinics in the UK. Our compassionate nature ensures that we are personally committed to your recovery process, taking the utmost pride in crafting a treatment plan that is customised to suit your unique requirements.
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100% online

Benefit from our diverse range of medical cannabis treatments, all easily accessible from the comfort of your own home. Whether it’s scheduling appointments or receiving medication at your doorstep, we handle all the logistics so you don’t have to!
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Dedicated patient support

OBy providing dedicated patient support, we prioritise our patients’ well-being, ensuring they have access to high-quality care and guidance throughout their treatment, with their needs always at the forefront.

Our mission


Embrace the ease and affordability of receiving the healthcare you require.

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Transfer from another clinic


Your first appointment is free when you transfer from another clinic.

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New patient appointment


Allow experienced specialists to evaluate your condition and tailor a treatment plan according to your needs and symptoms, ensuring that your suitability is well understood.

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Follow-up appointment


We embrace and prioritise the individual needs of each person, resulting in treatment plans that are fully adaptable and personalised to assist you in accomplishing your desired outcomes. Our protocol includes consistently evaluating your progress and implementing any necessary alterations every three months.

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Repeat prescription


Benefit from the freedom and convenience afforded by our online system, enabling you to request your repeat medication whenever it suits you, be it day or night, all while staying at home.

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Frequently asked questions

We want you to be fully informed about medical cannabis and the role it can play in your treatment.

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