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Medical Cannabis in Bristol

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Enhance Your Well-Being With Medical Cannabis in Bristol

Embark on your path to well-being and joy by scheduling an appointment at Lyphe Clinic today.

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Transform the way you experience wellness and comfort with the help of medical cannabis.

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How does it work?

Simplifying the path towards medical cannabis treatments in Edinburgh.
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Check if you are eligible

Wondering if medical cannabis could be a good fit for your condition? Give our free eligibility checker a try! It’s a breeze to use, and you’ll get personalised results in just a few minutes.
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Book your video appointment

In an effort to increase accessibility for patients, Lyphe has implemented a fully digital appointment system. All consultations and follow-up meetings are conducted online, allowing individuals to receive care without leaving their homes.
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Receive your prescription

Enjoy peace of mind when your prescription has been approved and a pharmacy has been selected. Our partnerships with licensed pharmacies help us to offer reliable and speedy delivery right to your front door.


Start treatment

Our team of patient advisors is here to guide you through your medical cannabis journey. Whether you need assistance in utilising our products effectively or comprehending their impact on your condition, we’re available to support you every step of the way. In order to guarantee your satisfaction and provide relief from symptoms, we schedule follow-up appointments every three months. This allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment and make any required adjustments.

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Why Lyphe

Discover why patients in Bristol and all across the UK are increasingly choosing Lyphe as their provider of medical cannabis.
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Experienced cannabis doctors

As one of the pioneering medical cannabis clinics in the UK, we have been serving patients like yourself for years. Our dedication to compassionate care ensures that we are personally invested in your journey to recovery, taking great pride in customising a tailored treatment plan for each and every individual.
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100% online

You have access to our complete range of medical cannabis treatments, all conveniently accessible from the comfort of your own home. Whether you need to book appointments or have medications delivered, rest assured that we handle every aspect for you!
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Dedicated patient support

Our commitment to providing dedicated patient support ensures that they receive exceptional care and guidance throughout their treatment journey, guaranteeing a high-quality experience every step of the way.

Our mission


Enjoy the ease and affordability of receiving the healthcare you need.

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Transfer from another clinic


Your first appointment is free when you transfer from another clinic.

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New patient appointment


Gain insight into your condition with a specialised assessment of your needs and symptoms, allowing for a thorough understanding of your suitability and recommended course of action.

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Follow-up appointment


We acknowledge and recognise that each individual has unique needs, and our treatment plans are designed to be fully adaptable and customised, ensuring that they align with your goals. Plus, we are committed to regularly assessing your progress and making any required adjustments every three months.

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Repeat prescription


Attain tranquillity knowing you can safely request your recurring medication online at any time, day or night, from the comfort of your own living space.

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Frequently asked questions

We want you to be fully informed about medical cannabis and the role it can play in your treatment.

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