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Complaints policy

This policy outlines procedures and responsibilities within Lyphe Clinic (“the Organisation”) for handling any concerns, issues or complaints that may arise.


This policy outlines procedures and responsibilities within Lyphe Clinic (“the Organisation “) for handling any concerns, issues or complaints that may arise.


Regulation 16: “Complaints”.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that any complaints or concerns by service users are correctly managed. Lyphe Clinic, although an independent body aspires to meet the principles set out in the NHS Constitution which are:

• The right to have any complaint made about our services dealt with efficiently and to have it properly investigated.
• The right to know the outcome of any investigation into a complaint.
• The right to take a complaint to independent review if the complainant is not satisfied with the way their complaint has been dealt with by us
• The commitment to ensure service users are treated with courtesy and receive appropriate support throughout the handling of a complaint; and the fact that they have complained will not adversely affect their future treatment.
• When mistakes happen they shall be acknowledged; an apology made; an explanation given of what went wrong; and the problem rectified quickly and effectively.
• Demonstrating a commitment to ensure that the organisation learns lessons from complaints and claims and uses these to improve our services. This policy serves to indicate how issues concerning service user concerns or complaints should be managed within the organisation.


The CQC Registered Manager holds overall responsibility for ensuring the development, implementation and operation of this policy regarding complaints. The CQC Registered Manager will also lead and oversee the process of the implementation of this policy, as well as monitoring its compliance and effectiveness. The CQC Registered Manager will be:

• Responsible for managing the procedures for handling and considering complaints.
• Ensuring that replies are drafted and signed by the CQC Registered Manager or other authorised person.
• Responsible for ensuring that action is taken if necessary in the light of the outcome of a complaint or investigation.
• Responsible for the effective management of the complaints procedure.


Everyone has the right to expect a positive experience and a good treatment outcome. In the event of concern or complaint, service users have a right to be listened to and to be treated with respect. As an authorised provider, Lyphe Clinic will manage complaints properly so user concerns are dealt with appropriately. Good complaint handling matters because it is an important way of ensuring our users receive the service they are entitled to expect. Complaints are also a valuable source of feedback; they provide an audit trail and can be an early warning of failures in service delivery. When handled well, complaints provide an opportunity to improve service and reputation.


• We aim to provide a service that meets the needs of our service users and we strive for a high standard of care;
• We welcome suggestions from service users and from our staff about the safety and quality of service, treatment and care we provide;
• We are committed to an effective and fair complaints system; and
• We support a culture of openness and willingness to learn from incidents, including complaints.


• All staff are expected to encourage service users to provide feedback about the service, including complaints, concerns, suggestions and compliments.
• Staff are expected to attempt resolution of complaints and concerns at the point of service, wherever possible and within the scope of their role and responsibility.
• Our staff will consult with their manager if addressing the problem is beyond their responsibilities.


Stage 1 – Local Resolution

• The Complaint Handler will acknowledge the complaint within 3 working days. The complaint handler will review all medical records, communications and the complaint as part of an investigation with assistance from the doctor, nursing team and patient coordinators within the clinic.
• The Complaint Handler will then write to the complainant explaining the outcome of the investigation within 20 working days. In the event that investigations are still on- going, and a response has not been reached when the initial 20 working days expires, a letter of update will be sent every 20 working days.
• Lyphe Clinic recognises that sometimes the complainant may not be entirely happy with the response that they have initially received. The preferred outcome of a complaint is a resolution within the clinic. The complainant may take their concerns through the following further stages described below;

Stage 2 – Internal Appeal

• The complainant may not be entirely happy with the response that they have initially received. If this is so, the complaint will then be passed on to a senior member of staff or Director who has not previously been involved in the complaint and is not involved in the daily operation of the clinic to consider the complaint stage. This stage 2 complaint will also be acknowledged within 3 working days.

• Lyphe Clinic aim to provide a Stage 2 response within 20 working days of the Stage 2 acknowledgement letter. However, complainants are made aware that Stage 2 review of a complaint may take longer than 20 working days and where this is so, a formal letter of update will be sent.

Stage 3- Independent External Mediation

• If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcomes presented during Stage 2 of the investigation process, they are able to signpost their complaint for mediation to the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), an independent mediation service.
• Complainants cannot access Stage 3 until they have gone through Stages 1 and 2 and CEDR will direct complainants back to Provider where appropriate.
• Complainants will need to complete an application form that can be found here;

CEDR’s contact details are as follows:

By Post:
CEDR, 100 St Paul’s Churchyard,
London, EC4M 8BU


Telephone: 0207 520 3800