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  • Clinic Updates

    Lyphe Clinic’s medical cannabis subscription programme

    Here at the Lyphe Clinic we are passionate about every patient in need having access to effective relief and we understand that one of the biggest barriers to your ongoing treatment is cost. So, we are delighted to bring all our patients and prospective patients the option of a medical cannabis subscription programme with the […]

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  • dvla

    Weed Muscle Spasms: What Are They and How to Get Relief?

    Experiencing involuntary muscle contractions after consuming cannabis-rich products can be both surprising and unsettling. Known as “weed muscle spasms”, these tremors are a phenomenon that has puzzled and concerned users across the globe.  In this blog, we delve into what exactly causes these spasms and offer guidance on how to manage them effectively. Whether you’re […]

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  • THC

    When to Avoid Weed: A Guide to Responsible Cannabis Consumption

    Key Points Medical cannabis offers a myriad of therapeutic benefits, but it may not be the best choice in certain scenarios. For adolescents, as well as pregnant and nursing individuals, it’s advisable to abstain from marijuana. For individuals with certain mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, it may be beneficial to consult with […]

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  • rated-4

    Explore Our Secret Cannabis Growing Facility in Portugal!

    Are you ready for an unforgettable journey into the world of pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis? Lyphe Clinic is committed to medical cannabis education and awareness, that’s why we’re thrilled to offer you an exclusive opportunity to explore our contract cultivation partner’s secret cannabis growing facility in beautiful Portugal! 10 Lucky Patients Will Join Us This November! […]

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  • rated-4

    Jersey Cannabis Meet-Up – Discover the Future of Wellness

    Jersey Cannabis Meet-Up – Discover the Future of Wellness Are you curious about the therapeutic potential of medical cannabis? Do you want to learn from industry experts and specialist doctors? Look no further than the Jersey Cannabis Meet-Up, on Friday 6th October at Bailiwick Botanicals in Jersey. This event promises an exciting exploration of the […]

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  • Oncological conditions

    Passing a Cannabis Swab Drug Test: Tips and Strategies for Medical Cannabis Patients

    Cannabis is increasingly being recognised for its potential health benefits and has become a popular alternative for patients seeking relief from various health conditions. However, as a medical cannabis patient, it is important to be aware of the potential consequences of using it, especially when it comes to drug tests. Navigating the world of drug […]

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